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Our Gaming Team

Our friendly team of Yu-Gi-Oh! guys who live breath and eat Yu-Gi-Oh are available to contact for all you Yu-Gi-Oh needs, Swaps & Trades. Feel free to contact them for more info about the game, where to play and how to start.



Jonathan William Gibbons


Email: Jgstyles2002@googlemail.com

Long ago in a distant land forgotten by time, a heroic pharaoh ruled this land, protecting innocent’s from the savage shadow realm and evil ….this…. is not his story. This is the bio of a lazy man who started duelling because we wanted to rule this land with power and vengeance!! And also this children’s card game isn’t really a children’s card game…anyways this is Jonathan, 26 lives xbox, PlayStation and really hates cucumbers.





Niall O’Grady


Email: niallog91@gmail.com

Long long ago last week, there lived a great man who slayed monsters, conquered lands and ruled as a king. But unlike this incredible man there was this man Niall, this man once ate a 3 month old bagel for a bet.. that he won, what did he bet for? No ones know’s . some say it was to throw small change in the air, others say for a slightly older bagel but To this very day Niall has dedicated his every other Wednesday to banish his enemies to the shadow realm and walk the earth as a top duelist in the wd6 area, with change already blowing in the wind, what the world now need’s is hope.



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