What is Heroclix?

HeroClix is a tactical combat game where you put heroes and villains from your favourite comics, movies and TV shows in head to head combat.


Some of our Heroclix Items

Our Heroclix Gaming Team

Our friendly team of Click guys are available to contact for all you Heroclix needs, Swaps & Trades. Feel free to contact them for more info about the game, where to play and how to start.






James Wicks

Email: jwgamedistributions@gmail.com


One of the founder members of The Pit and generally nice guy! A war gamer, role-player, LARPer, console gamer and collector of many years. With a leaning towards zombies and chaos, lately has been heard screaming Wagghhh!! and looking a little green! Known medical condition: Has an unhealthy liking of Captain Janeway of the USS Voyager! A comic book reader and fan of Red Sonja, G.I. Joe and The Walking Dead among others. Avid follower of Star Trek, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead TV shows. Currently working on 40K Ork army, British Commandoes for Bolt Action, Star Wars RPG and Deadzone. It is believed that he is permanently linked to his PS4, Matrix style, and has a holiday home in the world of Minecraft!







Matt Ramsden

One of the founders of The Pit and Sci-fi, military and fantasy freak! An ancient war gamer, role-player, LARPer, comic collector and G.I. Joe hoarder, who is often overheard rambling on about 1st edition AD&D, when action figure were 99p or 3 Rhinos in a box for £9.99! Known fears: Running out of coffee, Spiders and painting miniatures. Likes to field armies in sprue grey colour schemes! Blessed, although some would say cursed, with encyclopedic knowledge of all things Star Trek and G.I. Joe. A Games Master of a variety of role-playing games over the years including D&D, Star Wars, WFRP, G.I. Joe and Star Trek. Currently working on Soviet army for Bolt Action, restarting his D20 Modern G.I. Joe RPG, Judge Dredd Ape Gang and trying to decide on a faction for Deadzone!



The HC PIT LEAGUE is the Pit Gaming Shops Heroclix league where many players sign up to play a campaign style games.

In its very 1st season things are getting very interesting and very exciting so watch this space!