Kaauri Sentinels – Combi Rifle and Boarding Shotgun

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A Tohaa special project with the outcome to develop an artificial sentry, whose watchful eyes would spot any and all intruders that tried to break through the Tohaa front lines. The Kaauri Sentinels are very loyal and deeply devoted to their protective mission.
One of the best options to protect your deployment zones and to hunt those annoying impersonators who use stealth to sneak passed your patrols.

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This blister includes two highly detailed metal miniatures and plastic bases for the Tohaa faction.

Please note: miniatures areĀ supplied unpainted and assembly will be required.

1x KAAURI Sentinel (Boarding Shotgun)
1x KAAURI Sentinel (Pheroware T.: Nimbus Sphere) (Combi Rifle)


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